Joseph & Jesse Siddons: Foundry Facilities



  • Cupolas and an electric melting plant ensure fast energy efficient melting of metal.
  • Our spectrograph allows us to check the metallurgy and ensure metal meets specifications.


  • Our efficient IMF Fast Loop moulding line produces resin bonded moulds up to 1200 mm by 1000 mm and castings up to 350 Kgs for batch sizes from 5 to many 100s.
  • Our greensand foundry produces castings up to 50Kg in larger batches from 10s to 1000s.
  • Our SG Iron and Steel foundry is a totally self contained production facility with its own moulding loop capable of producing SG or Steel castings up to 600 Kgs in a wide range of batch sizes.
  • Our jobbing foundry, with its flexible manufacturing process, offers castings up to 750Kg in small batch sizes at unrivalled cost and turnaround speeds.

Dressing, Finishing and Delivery

  • 2 turntable shot blasts and a fettling shop.
  • An in house painting facility.
  • Delivery by our own transport, via carrier or by collection.


  • Over 90 % of our foundry sand is reclaimed for re-use through mechanical and thermal reclamation to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to land fill and ensure that all current environmental legislation is complied with.

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