Rapid prototyping? No, rapid production!

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28 October 2016

Recently one of our clients in the commercial vehicle sector had experienced failures with a fabricated engine bracket just at the same time they were committed to exhibiting at a new product launch. To avoid a potentially embarrassing situation the decision was made to evaluate alternative methods of manufacture, with the proviso it had to be quick!

Having been a long established supplier with a track record of delivering on time, Siddons were called in to advise with the redesign of the troublesome part to a casting and provide a timescale for four bracket castings including patternmaking, NDT, painting and full machining. A lead time of four to five weeks was offered and the job was given the go-ahead.

Within four weeks (three actually as one of those ironically being a holiday shutdown), the patterns were made, brackets were cast, inspected, painted, machined and despatched, much to the delight of the end user. The redesigned cast brackets were assembled and the show vehicle was completed on time. 

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