Terry Caulton Celebrates 25 years at J&J Siddons

Terry Caulton Celebrates 25 years at J&J Siddons back to list

11 March 2014

Terry Caulton joined Siddons Alloy Castings as the first employee in March 1989. He arrived with previous foundry experience and worked as a furnaceman and charge hand in our SG iron foundry as it was being set up.

Over the course of his 25 year career at Siddons Terry progressed to become a senior foreman.During this time Terry has seen the changes in SAC from its founding to its expansion into Steel castings as well as complex thin walled boiler parts.

More recently his knowledge and experience have been utilised by our sales department dealing with quotations, and also looking after our environmental compliance

Andrew Siddons, Managing Director thanked Terry for his hard work over the past 25 years and presented him with a gold watch in recognition of his efforts.

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